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26 / 06 / 2022
Orca ethics.jpg
Hellooo, I'll be participating in Art Fight this year.
I've been so lethargic lately, it's hard to draw or work on any projects. Hopefully Art Fight will pull me out of this funk.

I've re installed RPG Maker on my computer, I'd really like to make something with it. I have a lot of time this summer, I want to put it to good use but I'm always so tired. 

Despite the constant fatigue, I hope to draw more for Art Fight.
05 / 06 / 2022
New Canvas.jpg
It's been a while since I've drawn anything, but I'm finally on summer break!
I think I will try to redo some character references and add new ones. Some are outdated and have gone through some design changes. There are also some characters who I feel I rushed to make and didn't put any love in their development, but made them to solely fill the space on the characters page. I'll take those out and hopefully replace them with characters I like.

Hope you have a rejuvenating summer.
29 / 01 / 2021
Hellooo, I'm currently writing my stories in the form of fan fictions on Wattpad. That way I will be able to organize chapters and events, it will be also easier to map out web comics. 
For now I think I'll focus on Chlorine.
There will be various side stories in the world of Chlorine, each focusing on a minor character, for example, one will be about Captain Kidd's search for Livyatan's Treasure and how this multi-generational search came about. 
I hope one day I will be able to spark joy to fellow ocean lovers.
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